Apache Clerezza Commons RDF

Apache Clerezza Commons RDF provides an API modelling the RDF data model as defined by

Package Description Release Date Download
rdf-core-0.2 Complies with RDF 1.1 in full Nov 15, 2015 ZIP( MD5| ASC)
rdf-core-0.1 April 13, 2015 ZIP( MD5| ASC)

Apache Clerezza

Package Description Release Date Download
partial-release-201604 This is a bug-fix release that fixes the wrong handling of literals with language in stable-serializer as well as in jena bindings, it also updates the rdf-commons dependency in rdf.core (to reduce potential maven dependency conflicts). May 13, 2016 ZIP( MD5| ASC)
partial-release-201508 This release fixes issues preventing rdf.rdfjson and rdf.jena.sparql to expose their OSGi-DS services. It contains latest version of Jersey and Jena and provides some integration tests. Dec 2, 2015 ZIP( MD5| ASC) May 28, 2015 ZIP( MD5| ASC)
partial release May 26, 2015 ZIP( MD5| ASC)
parent 6 Mar 24, 2015 ZIP( MD5| ASC) Sep 22, 2014 ZIP( MD5| ASC)

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