Launching Clerezza

The following instructions describes how to start Clerezza. If you don't have downloaded the launcher go to Downloads.

In order to start Clerezza you must have installed Java 1.6.

  1. Change working directory to org.apache.clerezza.platform.launcher.tdb/target or to the directory where you have downloaded the launcher
  2. java -Xmx512m -XX:MaxPermSize=256m -jar 

  3. You should now have clerezza running on port 8080. Navigate to
  4. On the navigation bar on the right-hand side is a login link: default username is "admin", default password is "admin". After successful login new items in the navigation bar are available:

    • Account Control Panel - Manage your account, install bundles and create your WebID.
    • Graphs - Manage and upload Graphs.
    • Logging - Configure logging.
    • Configuration - Configure Base URI.
    • Users - Manage Users.
    • Scripting - Write Scala scripts and associate execution URIs to scripts.
To start Clerezza as background process use the unix's tools screen or nohup. These tools are also helpful on remote servers that Clerezza can continue working even when the ssh or telnet connection to the server is interrupted.
When using nohup you must start Clerezza with the command line option -NCS as it will otherwise stop when attempting to interact with the console.
Clerezza is based on Apache Felix. Therefore, some further information is available on the Felix usage page.