This project has retired. For details please refer to its Attic page.
Welcome to Apache Clerezza

Welcome to Apache Clerezza

Apache Clerezza is a set of Java libraries for management of semantically linked data. Contents are stored as triples based on W3C RDF specification. Apache Clerezza defines a technology-agnostic layer to access and modify triple stores. It provides a java implementation of the graph data model specified by W3C RDF and functionalities to operate on that data model. Apache Clerezza offers a service interface to access multiple named graphs and it can use various providers to manage RDF graphs in a technology specific manner, e.g., using Jena or Sesame. It also provides for adaptors that allow an application to use various APIs (including the Jena api) to process RDF graphs. Furthermore, Apache Clerezza offers a serialization and a parsing service to convert a graph into a certain representation (format) and vice versa.

Apache Clerezza in 3 Bullet Points

  • Linked data management tool
  • Based on W3C standard
  • Database/Triple Store independent

Apache Clerezza for Developers

Apache Clerezza allows to easily manage semantically linked data by providing the following:
  • An API to access RDF Graphs
  • SPARQL Support
  • Graph parser and serializer for various formats