clerezza-0.2-incubating-source-release.zipApache Clerezza sourcesZIP (MD5|ASC) Apache Clerezza launcher based on Jena TDBZIP (MD5|ASC)


All Apache Clerezza Modules are also available in the Maven Repository.

Verify your Downloads

You should verify the MD5 checksums of your downloaded archives.
All Apache Clerezza releases are signed. To verify the signature of a release, you have to download the project's GPG keys.

Development Snapshots

Nightly builds are not formal ASF releases, and must not be promoted to the general public.

Running Apache Clerezza

Refer to Launching Clerezza for instructions on how to run Apache Clerezza.

Source Code Repository

The Apache Clerezza source code Repository can be viewed here.

To obtain a local working copy execute this command:

svn co


All Clerezza packages and Source Code is distributed under the terms of The Apache Software License (Version 2.0).